Comprehensive and Detailed Monitoring with PIT Multisensor System


Powitec's PiT Indicator is a sophisticated tool for an online analysis of process conditions at rotary kilns for clinker production. The PiT Indicator enables the operator to immediately identify and react to changing process conditions in order to stabilise and smoothen the production, also in dusty or dark kiln atmospheres. Main target of the PiT Indicator is to balance optimal clinker quality at various fuel mixtures. With Powitec's PiT Indicator the operator is able to adjust the actually required fuel consumption.The PiT Indicator comprises two modules for process visualisation and online analysis:

Thermography module: The thermography reflects the temperature distribution in the bed flow field, including various special features like the 'Polyline'. Analogue outputs of temperatures can be usedas pyrometer signals

Prediction module (soft sensor): The prediction module offers the kiln operator a permanent online prediction of key parameters (e.g. free lime content, litre weight of clinker or NOX emission)


  • Chronological Flame Variation Display = Active Flame Management
  • Reduction of Temperature Variation = Refractory Protection
  • Reduced burner Adjustment Time = Faster Burner Commissioning
  • Quick adaption to changing fuel properties = Increase of alternative fuels
  • Best Temperature Analysis = Each pixel is a pyrometer
  • Upgrade Possibility = base module for PiT Navigator and PiT Predictor
  • RGB Camera Technology = High Resolution temperature analysis
  • AEDF Adaptive Electronic Dust Filter = Clear pictures even for dust loaded kilns
  • Robust German Design = Low maintenance
  • Regions of Interest & Polylines = Information from decisive zones
  • Interface to DCS = Correlation of DCS signals with visual flame variations
  • It Having Video Graphic Capability
  • It consist of three chip camera
  • It is having retraction unit which consist of air & Water Cooling System
  • Cement Rotary Kiln

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