Specifically designed for kiln monitoring, the CS210E thermal imaging system is a fully integrated solution that monitors rotary kilns to detect hot spots and avoid costly damage and unscheduled downtime. Optional, yet fully integrated, accessories extend the capability to include shadow sensing, burning zone monitoring, tire slip and fan control.

Kiln shell temperatures are monitored along the entire length of the kiln providing an essential indication of the health of the refractory material. Temperature data for areas “shadowed” from the main sensor can be provided by individual point sensors and seamlessly integrated into one complete thermal image. Optional burning zone and tire slip monitoring can be integrated into the thermal imaging system so that all information is displayed on one screen in the control room and all events are permanently linked in an extremely versatile historical data database.

  • Map entire kiln surface and display in real-time thermogram format
  • “One brick” resolution hot spot detection, even in shadowed areas
  • Fail-Safe “hot-spot” alarm outputs (PC independent)
  • On board Ethernet TCP/IP communication
  • Interface with other programs via OPC
  • Refractory Management software
  • Modular design simplifies installation and service
  • All data, alarms and errors stored and accessible in one common database
  • Multiple level security settings

Temperature Range

100 to 650°C (212 to 1202°F)


± 0.5% of reading or ± 3°C (± 6°F)

Spot Detection (50% of energy)

450 : 1 ( 2.2 mradians )

Sampling Rate

1024 pixel per scan line (2048 for CS212)

Scan Motor

MTBF: 40,000 hours

Ambient Operating Temp.

-40 to 45°C / -40 to 113°F ( no direct sunlight )

Position Indicator Temp.

-25 to 230ºC / -13 to 446°F

Zone Alarms

48 software, 3 hardware (PC independant)

Kiln Rotation Rate

Up to 10 rpm

LRM Accessory

Supports up to 6 tires

Fan Control Accessory

Supports up to 16 fans per module (48 total)

Burning Zone Accessory

MR Ratio Pyrometer 700 to 1800°C, (1292 to

3372°F), connection box, 15 m high temp.

cable, Thermojacket, blast gate, sighting tube,

adj. pipe adapter, adj. mounting base,

air flow/press. regulator

Shadow Monitor Accessory

MIH Sensor (-40 to 600°C / -40 to 1112°F)

with 8 m high temp. cable, air purge jacket

and adj. mounting base.


  • Cement Kiln

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