Furnace Tracker For Billet Reheat Furnaces


Datapaq furnace tracker monitoring system brings you the latest technology to get accurate and comprehensive temperature profiles of your billet while in the reheat furnace. This system is mounted on a special ''fork'' welded to the billet and travels with the product to monitor its true temperature throughout the rotatory hearth or walking beam furnaces.

Billet reheat processes upto 3.5 hours long with average temperatures of upto 1250degC can be monitored .The furnace tracker system will monitor from upto ten thermocouples placed at various distances along the billet and at specific depth within the billet. This ensures that you get maximum temperature information from the trial.

  • Low thermal barrier height and width (250mm) to minimize loading problems
  • High thermal capacity (upto 3.5 hours) to cope with rolling mill stoppages
  • Incorporates new technology
  • Phased evaporation for long thermal duration
  • Floating plate for minimum barrier distortion
  • Made of rugged high grade stainless steel to resist high temperatures
  • 8 or 10 thermocouples (for maximum information)


Model Number

TP2186 ,TP2116

Temperature Range

-190°C* to 1370°C

Maximum Operating Temperature



130,000 data points

Number of Channels

8 or 10

Sampling Interval

No telemetry

0.1 sec – 50 mins



Battery Options And Life

VHT Lithium (Up to 250 hours)

Thermocouple Type


(II) Thermal Protection System-TB4066

  • TB4059 : Evaporative water barrier
  • TB9216 : Insulation retaining frame
  • CS2009 : Insulation Set and Templates
  • TB9223 : Thermocouple control clamp
  • Duration : 3.5 hours at constant 1250degC
  • Overall Dimensions: 550mmlong*250mmwide*250mmhigh
  • Weight : 21kg
  • Filled : 25.5kg

Reliable and accurate in-process temperature surveying for Solution heat treating

  • Annealing
  • Brazing
  • Homogenizing
  • Decorating, tempering, forming, normalizing
  • Billet Reheating, Slab Reheating, Pressure, Vacuum processes and more
  • Used in steel industry where DATAPAQ Slab Reheat system monitors the temperature profile of slab at different points throughout its thickness as it travels through the furnace

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