M530 LYNX Camera


The M530 Series of Visible Light High-Temperature Color Cameras is designed to give you the flexibility to customize electronics, lenses, filters and other options to provide continuous monitoring of your high temperature internal processes. Straight, oblique, or right angle lens tube options are available that offer more flexibility in mounting the camera. Add an M721 remote auto iris to adjust the camera iris from the comfort of the control room providing a clear picture from start-up to full load Imaging.

  • Rotary Kilns & Coolers: Provides continuous product quality monitoring. Observe ring formation, burner flame and product as it moves down the kiln or cooler. See potential Upsets early
  • Coal Fired Utility Boiler: Monitor flame shape to adjust burners for maximum combustion & minimum fuel usage
  • Bark Fired Boiler: Observe fuel distribution, bed & feeder monitoring, combustion & flame characteristics
  • Glass Melt Tanks: View for flame impingement & monitor the crown for dripping. Easily see batch load, flow pattern & any un-melted surface material



Power Requirement

85-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz

Camera Detector

1/2” solid state color image sensor

System Resolution

>450 lines


1.0 V p-p, 75 ohm, CCTV signal /VTN: RS170- NTSC or /VTP: CCIR-B-PAL video timing

Serial Communication

RS485 full duplex, non-addressable


/AIN: Manual focus and iris adjustment on back /AIR: Remote iris adjustment with M721 Remote Auto Iris Controller



Air or water cooled 304 stainless steel outer shroud. Sapphire window for maximum environmental protection.

Lens Options

/L: Straight view, /RAL: right angle with 90° offset optics, /OAL: oblique angle with 45° offset optics, /WCL: water cooled


STD /L30: L=27.7” (704mm) or /OAL30: L=26.7” (678mm) Other lenses available. Please contact your sales representative.

Field of View

Wide: 75°H x 56°V Medium: 60°H x 45°V Narrow: 35°H x 26°V


/L: 38mm (1.5”) /RAL & /OAL: 51mm (2.0”) /WCL: 57mm (2.25”)

Cooling Requirements

Instrument quality air, 12-19 dm3/sec (25-40 SCFM) @ 5-15 psig (34-103 kPa) required for straight view lens (to ISO 8573-1, Class 1• 7• 2)


1621°C (2950°F) with proper cooling


/TJ: Type J thermocouple option /TK: Type K thermocouple option



CEI: Corrosion-resistant, insulated,air-cooled, NEMA 4; /CEW: Corrosion-resistant, water cooled, NEMA 4

Cooling Type

CCP: Air purged with check valve, 1 SCFM @ 2 PSI (0.5 dm3/sec 14 kPa) /CCV: Vortex cooling 25 SCFM @100 PSI (13 dm3/sec @ 690 kPa); Instrument quality air required.

Ambient Environment

Max. 140°F (60°C) with negligible radiant heat load. Water cooled option available to handle high radiant heat environment


Video Output Jack

Female PL-259 “UHF” type

Power input Jack

Removable waterproof miniplug (JOY type TP, female 3-conductor; mating power cord provided)

Enclosure Cooling Input

1/4” brass quick-disconnect nipple; mating coupler (Snaptite BVHC4-4F) provided

Lens cooling Input

1/2” brass quick-disconnect nipple; mating coupler (Snaptite BVHC8-8F) provided


30 pounds (14kg) for air-cooled configuration (lens and camera)


  • Rotary Kilns & Coolers
  • Coal Fired Utility Boilers
  • Bark Fired Boiler
  • Glass Melt Tanks


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