M340 Bed Bug III


The Quadtek Bedbug III High-Temperature Camera from IST is a remote observation system which utilizes a solid state IR device to monitor the smeltbed in recovery boilers, monitor slag build up in utility power boilers, and monitor product distribution and control, as well as burner efficiency in industrial process furnaces. Install it today and years from now, you’ll still have the same quality picture.

  • Solid state IR sensor guarantees no picture degradation or image burn
  • 80° field of view lens in several lengths
  • Small front opening and improved seal reduces air usage and keeps lens cleaner
  • Sapphire window more durable and scratch resistant than other materials
  • Minimal preventative maintenance
  • Infrared camera uses wavelengths that can penetrate fine particulate matter
  • Dynamic range can view objects that are too cold or dim for visible light cameras



Power Requirements

Air-cooled 304 stainless steel or shroud. Sapphire window for max. environmental protection

Cooling Type


L24: L21.25”(540 mm)

L48: L45.25”(1149mm)

Signal to Noise

80°horizontal, 60°vertical

Video Output

Monochrome EIA RS-170, 525 lines or CCIR, 625 lines, composite video output or sync; 1.0 to 1.4 V p-p

Pyrometer Detector

Option: Solid state 1.6 micron detector 1165 to 270°F (629 to 1482°C), multiplexed with video Requires M702 processor




100/ 115/ 230 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz, 24 Watts


Solid State IR Scanners

Power Input Jack

80°horizontal, 60°vertical


1.5” (38mm)

Optical Filter

Particulate – penetrating proprietary infrared filter

Cooling Requirements

Instrument quality air 15-20 SCFM @ 5-10 psig typical

(7-10 dm3/ sec @ 35-70 kPa)




Corrosion Resistance nylon cover; anodized aluminum body; NEMA 4, dust and water proof


Vortex Cooled; Instrument quality air; 25 SCFM @ 100 psig typical (13 dm3/ sec @ 690 kPa)

Ambient Environment

32°to 140°F (0° to 60°C) operating temperature



Focus Adjustment

Optical focus adjustment screw located on back of enclosure

Video Output Jack

Female PL-259 ”UHF” type

Signal to Noise

Removable waterproof miniplug (JOY type TP, female 3-conductor; mating power cord provided)

Enclosure Cooling Input

¼” brass quick-disconnect nipple; mating coupler (Snaptite BVHC4 -4F) provided

Less Cooling Input

½” brass quick-disconnect nipple; mating coupler (Snaptite BVHC8 -8F) provided


  • The IST-Quadtek M340 Bedbug III High-Temperature Infrared Camera can be used tomonitor :
  • Smelt bed in recovery boilers.
  • Slag build-up in utility power boilers.
  • Product distribution & control.
  • Burner efficiency in industrial process furnaces.
  • This camera is best suited for high-temperature viewing applications that require a highqualityinfrared image camera in an environmental enclosure.

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