M330 Bed Bug-II


The IST Quadtek M330 Bed-Bug-II High-Temperature infrared Camera is a remote observation system which utilizes infrared camera electronics to monitor the smelt-bed in recovery boilers, monitor slag build up in utility power boilers and monitor product distribution and control, as well as burner efficiency in industrial process furnaces.

  • Infrared camera uses wavelengths that can penetrate fine particulate matter.
  • Dynamic range can view objects that are too cold or dim for visible light cameras.
  • Super-wide 110° diagonal field of view lens in several lengths..
  • Small front opening and improved seal reduces air usage and keeps lens cleaner.
  • Sapphire window, which is more durable and scratch resistant than other materials





Power Requirements

100/115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 Watts.

Camera Tube

1.0” separate mesh; infrared-sensitive lead sulfide vidicon.

Signal to Noise

55 db or higher.

Video Output

Monochrome EIA Standard RS-170, 525 lines or CCIR, 625 lines, composite video output and sync; 1.0 to 1.4V p-p


Vibration: 3g swept sine wave,15 to 2000 Hz; shock: 50 g.

Pyrometer Detector

/OP option: Solid state 1.6 micron detector 629 to 1482°C (1165 to 2700°F), multiplexed with video. Requires M702 processor. .



Air-cooled 304 stainless steel outer Shroud. Sapphire window for max. Environmental protection..


Standard: /L48: L = 1118mm (44”) /L60: L = 1423mm (56”)

Field of View

90° horizontal, 72° vertical, 110° diagonal.


1.5” (38mm)

Optical Filter

Particulate-penetrating proprietary infrared filter.

Cooling Requirements

Instrument-quality air*, 7-10 dm3 S-1 @ 35-70 kPa (15 20 SCFM @ 5-10 psig typical) *Air quality to ISO 8573 1, Class1•7•2.



Corrosion-resistant nylon cover; anodized aluminum body; NEMA 4, dust and waterproof..

Cooling Type

Vortex cooled; instrument-quality air; 13 dm3s-1 @ 690kPa (25 SCFM @ 100 psig typical)

Ambient Environment

0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F) operating Temperature.


Focus Adjustment

Optical focus adjustment screw located on back of enclosure.

Video Output Jack

Female PL-259 “UHF” type..

Power Input Jack

Removable waterproof mini-plug (JOY type TP, female 3-conductor; mating power cord provided).

Enclosure cooling Input

1/4” brass quick-disconnect nipple; mating coupler (Snaptite BVHC4-4F) provided.

Lens Cooling Input

1/2” brass quick-disconnect nipple; mating coupler (Snaptite BVHC8-8F) provided.


2.1 kg (27 lbs)


The IST-Quadtek Bedbug II High-Temperature Infrared Camera can be used to monitor:

  • Smelt bed in recovery boilers
  • Slag build-up in utility power boilers
  • Product distribution and control
  • Burner efficiency in industrial process furnaces


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