Portable Thermocouple Calibrator, IT52.50 incorporates in a single instrument a high precision but low drift mV source, Automatic Cold Junction Compensator and an accurate 3½ digit LCD, mV read out. IT52.50 simulates as well as measures Thermocouple mVs accurately and is used for measuring the Thermocouple outputs and calibrating instruments like Transmitters, Indicators, Controllers, and Recorders etc. having Thermocouple input.

Since Automatic Cold Junction Compensation (Ref. Temp. 0°C) is built-in, IT52.50 takes care of the ambient/room temperature variation while measurement and during simulation.

0-20 mV & 0-200 mV DC ranges, with resolution of 10 µV & 100 µV respectively, are selected by Function-cum-Range Selector in both simulate & measure modes. J, K, R & S Thermocouple or mV Sensors are selected by Sensor Selector, enabling measurement & simulation of most Thermocouples used commonly in addition to mV for any other sensor. Precise & stepless adjustment of mVs is done by a ten turn “mV adjust Potentiometer” and read on digital display.

  • Dual function capability: Simulates and measures Thermocouple J, K, R & S and mVs
  • Battery operated and ideally suitable for testing Thermocouples and calibrating instruments in the field & in control room
  • High accuracy of ± 0.1% FS ± 1 digit
  • Large clear display, 3½ digits, LCD, 0.5” high
  • High resolution of 10 µV
  • Automatic Cold Junction Compensation
  • Portable, Rugged, Light weight and Handy


LCD; 3½ digits 0.5” high

Display range

0-19.99 mV DC
0-199.9 mV DC


10 µV in 0…20 mV range
100 µV in 0…200 mV range

Accuracy at 27°C

± 0.1% FSD ± 1 digit

Effect of Temperature

± 0.1% FSD per 10°C change

Ambient temp.


Cold Junction

Automatic, Ref.

Compensation (ACJC) temp.


Accuracy of ACJC at 27°C

± 1°C, additional error of
± 1°C per 10°C change

Power supply

9V Battery, Eveready No. 216 or its equivalent

Battery life

20 hrs of continuous use

Low Battery Indication

Provided on LCD


84(W) x 42(D) x 205(H)mm


0.9 kgs


  • Used for simulation & measurement of Thermocouple J, K, R & S and mVs accurately
  • Calibration of instruments like Transmitters, Indicators, Controllers, and Recorders etc in field & in control room having Thermocouple input

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