4-20 mA LOOP ANALYSER IT 52.51


4-20 mA Loop Analyser, IT52.51 is a versatile portable instrument for rapid checking & simulation of 2 wire Transmitters and checking Indicators, Controllers, Recorders, Current alarms, Data Loggers, Final control elements & Computers etc. operating on 4-20 mA DC input/output.

IT52.51 with its built-in power source and LCD display has four modes of operation, viz. Normal Source, 2-wire Transmitter Simulation, Normal Read and 2-wire Transmitter Read.

Normal Source mode provides 4-20 mA DC output. 2-wire Transmitter Simulation mode modulates external power to pass 4-20 mA in the external loop. In these two modes, "QUICK CHECK" switch provides instant 4 mA & 20 mA output; for rapid check of zero & span end points. "QUICK CHECK" switch also has an intermediate Dial position; selection of this position allows precise intermediate settings between 4-19.99 mA on 10 turn potentiometer operated by a separate knob. Normal Read mode measures input currents fed to the Analyser. 2-wire Transmitter Read mode supplies 27 Volts in series with the internal measuring circuit at the output terminals and measures 2-wire Transmitter output, thus eliminating need of external power supply.

  • Tests/ calibrates instruments operating on 4-20 mA DC signal
  • Multifunction capability: Sources 4-20 mA; Reads 0-20 mA; Simulates 2-wireTransmitter and powers 2 Wire Transmitter and measures its mA output in the range 4-20 mA
  • High accuracy : 0.1% FSD - Bench top accuracy in a Tool Box Calibrator
  • Instant check of 4 mA & 20 mA end points; and also fast check of any intermediate point in both Source & 2-wire Transmitter simulate mode
  • Circuit design ensures stability of set current regardless of changes in voltage and load
  • Large clear 3½ digit LCD, 0.5" high
  • Portable, rugged and dry cell powered - Ideal for use in field & control room


LCD; 3½ digits 0.5" high.

Display range

0...19.99 mA


0.01 mA


± 0.1 % F.S.D. ± 1 digit

Temp. effect

± 0.01% per °C

Source & 2-wire Transmitter Simulation Read range

4-20 mA continuous

"QUICK CHECK' Settings

4 mA & 20 mA

Dial Setting

Any value between 4-19.99 mA

Output drive capability (with fresh batteries)

800 ohms

Power to 2-wire Trans. (with fresh batteries)

27 Volts

Loop Voltage limits

10-30 V in 2-wire Transmitter Simulation mode.

Power Supply

4x9V batteries Eveready No. 216 or equivalent ; l x 9V battery for display/measuring circuit ; 3 x 9V Batteries or Loop power in 2-wire Power & Measure mode.

Battery life

Display/meas. ckt.-100 hours Source/Power & Meas. Ckt. - 20 hours

Low Battery display:

Provided on LCD

Ambient temp.



82 (W)x42(D)x235(H) mm appx.


1.1. kg. appx.


Used for rapid checking & simulation of 2 wire transmitters and checking Indicators, Controllers, Recorders, Current alarms, Data Loggers, Final control elements & computers etc.

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