Sounding (Electromechanical)


Sounding V is a compact type level meter which is produced to pursue low price and smaller size, however, completely includes the control circuit in the main body and is possible to make measurement by manual switch, auto-measurement by built-in timer and signal output according to the level setting.By the Sounding V, continuous level measurement is possible with the cost equivalent to a few units of point level equipment, and it is suited to storage management for various kinds of powder such as grain, feed, etc...


MDVC-2S2 type

Wire rope

Ø 2mm (SUS304) Strength 3.5 kN (358 kgf)

Measuring Distance


Measuring Accuracy

1% F.S. of

Output Signal

DC4 ~ 20m A load resistance : 350 Ώ or less

Travelling Speed

8.8/ 10.5m/ min (50/ 60Hz)

Meauring Singnal

One Measurement by instantaneous ON (above 0.1 sec) Auto measurement with internal timer by continuous ON

Automatic Measuring

1,3,5,10,15,20,30, 60 min interval

Mesuring Frequency

Max 50% ED (Continuous measurement is possible when the measuring time is equal or less than the pausing time.)


Alarm contact turns ON when rope is cut and motor is over loaded

Sensing Weight

1.2 kg (Volume gravity of object is more then 0.4g/ cm3)

Operating Motor (25 W)

All Closing form condenser motor, E-type isolation, permanent brake, special rank thermal protector buil in (return itself type)

Maint Parts Materials

Exterior, flange , drum : FEP resin

Wire rope: SUS 304

Sounding lead: FC 200

Sounding lead chain : SS 400

Drum axis, pulley axis: S 35 C.S 15 C

Roll top detection lever : SS 400

Power Source

AC90 -120 V 50/ 60Hz (30VA)

Ambient Temperature

-10 °C ~ + 50 °C


IP 55 against pressure case ± 1.96 kPa

Coating Color

Munsell 7.5 GY6/ 10


12 kg (included sensing weight)


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