Triboelectric Dust Monitor & Switch


Dust Monitor continuously measures for 24 h the dust in exhaust gas at the secondary side of a dust collector or the like and outputs the alarm signal at the abnormal condition and monitors the relative variation of dust amount with an analog signal. It detects the triboelectric charge of dust hitting the sensor probe and make outputs relative to the dust amount. Dust Monitor can be easily mounted on the existing facility to facilitate environmental management.

  • Produces the same high performance as optical systems at lower cost.
  • Requires no special training or skill easy to install and to adjust.
  • All components are made in Japan for ensured high quality and excellent customer service.





Sensor Type

Sensor with intigrated transducers

Remote Type Sensor



High Temperature Applications

Model No





Sensor with Integrated Tranducer

Sensor and tranducers are separately installed

Approx Mass

2.1 kg


2.1 kg

Power Supply

80 to 240 VAC 50/ 60Hz

From Tranducers

Power Consumption

4 VA


Dedicated Signal Cable Length


5m (standard) can be extendend to 100m for special orders.

Concentration Level Display

10-Segment LED Lights up at every change of 10%)


Contact Output

One Contact for upper limit alarm, one contact for fault alarm

(Contact capacity: 250 VAC, 2 A)

From tranducers


Particle Size

0.3μm min.

Particle Concentration

0 to 1000 mg/ m3 (Reference concentration)


Process Temperature

250° C max.

400° C max.

Ambient Temperature

-20 to +65°C (Without condensation)

Gas Flow Velocity

4 m/s min (constant velocity)


40% max.


200 kPa max.


Analog Output

4 mA to 20 mA DC

(Load Resistance)

From Tranducers

Measurment Range

9 Level

Use tranducers to make setting

Data Averaging

Time Setting up to 30 seconds *1

Use tranducers to make setting

Probe Length

300 to 1000mm*2


Protection rating: IP65


R1 screw with one inch socket

 *1: Tranducers Integrated type adjustment in 3 sec step

*2: If the insulation is 58mm

 Tranducers for Remote type

Tranducers Type


With Concentration- level correction

Model Number




Approx Mass

0.7 kg

Power Supply

110VAC or 220 VAC, -15 to +10 %, 50/60 Hz*

Power Consumption

7 VA

Concentration Level Display

4 digit 7 seg LED

Unit of measurment


mg/ m3

Contact Output

Two Contacts for upper limit alarm, one contact for fault alarm.

(Contact capacity : 250 VAC, 2 A)

Correction Range


0.1 to 2.0 times (at 0.1 intervals)




Analog Output

4 mA to 20 mA DC (Load resistance : 500Ω)

Measurment Range

9 Levels

Data Averaging

Time setting up to 30 Seconds


Wall or DIN rail mountin

*Specify the power voltage when you order.


Cement Factory

  • For coal ash and other raw materials.
  • For cement and concrete products.
  • For Kiln, AOC (Air quality control) system and other equipment.
  • For slug and fil ash.


  • For Steel sintering.
  • For Casting.
  • For coke ovens.
  • For recycling related facilities such as those for waste disposal of plastics.

Chemical Factories

  • For catalyzation.
  • For smoke removal.

Automobile Factories

  • For casting.

Waste incineration plants

  • For measuring the enviorment.
  • For incinerators.
  • For fusion furnace.
  • For high temperature incinerators used to cut emission such as dioxins.

Rubber and Carbon Factories

  • For monitoring of dust accumulation in ducts.
  • For Handling raw materials.

Fertilizer Plant

  • For preventing mixing of fertilizer.

Spice and Paint Factories

  • For traceability related equipment.

 Gas Extraction Equipment for Boilers

  • For generators


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